Adam D'arcy

I have been a performer for over 16 years and have played in bands, duos and solo all over the UK, Channel Islands and more. I have worked with many acts as a performer and Technician, from fresh new talent, to professionals and celebrities. My solo show is unique, as I play multiple instruments while singing simultaneously, no backing, no loops; all live... also I have recently developed a passion for creating my own instruments


The third song below Strong Man (Eddie Hall) was written for and featured in a documentary film about the the World's Strongest Man: Eddie Hall and the film is now on Netflix.


Upcoming gigs include:

May 27th - The Shed (Maybank - Newcastle under Lyme)

June 3rd - Froghall Station (Churnet Valley Railway)

June 20th - The Shed (Maybank - Newcastle under Lyme)


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