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Having worked across all spectrums of the industry over the past 40 years…from being in Bands as a boy of 13 in the early 80’s (many moons ago!!) through to writing and producing number one hits for pop bands such as Westlife, Busted, Sandi Thom, Blue and 911, which led me on to working with my heroes such as Shane McGowan (The Pogues), Lamont  Dosier (Motown’s Holland/Dosier/Holland), Echo and the Bunnymen & the Bay City Rollers!! .... I’m in a good position to see how massively helpful and hugely exciting this platform will be for up and coming artists and musicians.


Speaking from experience I understand how hard it is to even get on the first rung of the music biz ladder! To have the opportunity to link into a network of radio stations and get support on the live circuit is 'manna from heaven' to bands, singer/songwriters, musicians or anyone who wants to be in music. You should all do this now!


Radio and live events these days are driven by established acts to keep advertising revenues up and live events are driven by sponsorship and that dictates radio playlists as well as support slots etc. This massively cuts opportunities for new artists to be included. 


As a new artist you must embrace everything you can do to get ahead of the pack, it’s not enough to do your social media and hope for local reviews of gigs etc. You will be lost in the massive swamp of many thousands of others going down to the same old route and hoping to be discovered! You need radio support to reach the people you normally wouldn’t get to. It’s the hardest part of breaking an srtist -  trust me I know!  That is why this is so great. I would usually have to employ a radio plugger and PR person just to service radio and press , knowing even then that the chances of plays and features are so small (even with my track record and a great team behind me). 


I can’t stress enough how hard hard it is to get in front of radio and press. With Local Music Live you are being handed this on a plate and I would urge every artist to get involved as this could be the first break to growing a new fanbase and the fact you have the chance to have the support of a network of radio stations is like winning the music industry lottery! 


As this platform gets bigger and bigger so will the opportunities for new artists. Being on the radio and part of a linked live network  will also help drive your PR and online presence as well as presenting opportunities for labels, press and radio bosses to hear and learn about you. This is a fantastic opportunity and you’d be crazy not to sign up. I’ll definitely be joining up to The Local Radio Network with all my artists!!! 


Keep fighting the good fight as the world always needs great new music. 


Three Chords and the Truth! 


John McLaughlin 


twitter -  @JohnIMclaughlin

email -  [email protected]


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