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Tips for a successful recording session.


"There is never distinct right or wrong way when it comes to recording, after all it’s a creative process and sometimes the best results come when least expected. To get to the best use of time when in the studio though, we have the following handy hints:


Rehearse – It may sound obvious but ensure your song is thoroughly rehearsed; you have the structure, key, tempo and each player’s parts nailed down. The core of a song is key, embellishments are always easy to add afterwards. If possible do rough recordings when practicing – listen back to them and identify any parts that can be improved upon.


Eat – Make sure you’re well fed and watered – a tired and hungry musician can be a sloppy one!  There is always time for a break… and takeaways are just a phone call away.


Calm – Being in the studio environment and finally recording the creative baby that is your song can be quite nerve wracking and exciting all at the same time. Take time to relax, don’t pressure yourself or others – creativity is better when you work together. Push through any creative differences you may have and communicate


Organise – Check you’re instruments are in top condition -  i.e. drums well skinned, guitars serviced. Having equipment in good working order will keep the session running smoothly and obtain the best possible sound. Bring spare strings, drumsticks, and plectrums!


Rest - Ensure you’ve had enough rest the night before, it might not be rock & roll to go to bed early, but no-one hearing your masterpiece because you spent 4 hours asleep in the studio is less so! Vocalists try not to push your voice in the days leading up to recording and stay away from contagious people!


Do IT! – Give it your all and don’t hold back! Maximum effort in your performance will really shine through on the recording."


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Carl Heyes, Director of Redwall Studios, Bury




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